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what up what up it's chad wild clay and today we've gotsomething a little bit different we have a ton of video game nines and blakeswe're gonna be unboxing them and not only that stay until the end because weare taking them outside edge hopping something's upmaking some things extold let's do it okay guys so with this company fadecase calm sent me a huge box here check it out filled with all kinds of funstuff they said they make csgo replicas or nines well that's not exactly whatthey said but that's kind of me putting words in their mouth so let's open thisbox right up look at all the goodies we have got inside here alright so we'regonna go through all the v's check them

out only they are csgo counter-strikenines in real lives let's grab the first item here the karambit two elitesand i'm gonna chime i check out their website first here is the caramba eliteblack pearl for $39.99 it's made out of fiberglass 420 stainless steel the baglength is four inches total nice length 8.2 inches alright let's take this outof the box i do gotta say i like the way this case baby i guess they do make goodcases other than this big piece like snaps into place i think like by magnetor something right here's opened this out and here is the nice really digginthe color on this right here i guess that's the black pearl coloring now if ican figure out how to get it out of the

sheath here very hard shell plastic casedo i just pull it off no i think i just pull it off there we go oh that is abeautiful blake look at that yeah check out the nice pattern on that that is acool design now you guys probably know a lot moreabout csgo than i do i know very little so i'm gonna leave it up to you guys totell me down in the comments if this is indeed in the game and if so where inthe game can you get it and what's the name of it i do know there are somereally cool techniques you can do with these types of nines especially withthis ring here you can do a lot of spinning it around i don't want to gettoo crazy with it and spin it right into

my face this is a legit nice guys so weare gonna take this outside and we're gonna chop up some fruit ninjas probablysome soda ninjas before we go outside let's check out some more nines herethat we got in the box we've got the bowietiger tooth for $49.99 handles made out of fiberglass the bag a 420 stainlesssteel bag it's 7 inches long that is very long total nice length 12 incheslet's try this thing out very nice shape here does come buttoned in so it doesn'tfly out while you're running in the case again the fade case keychain oh look atthis that is tight alright and it's pretty heavy too it looks like a goldentiger wow that is fantastic guys

beautiful looking bag pretty sharp tipvery sharp bag down here this part definitely can cut through pretty muchanything it's like a sawtooth almost but i believe this is called serrated veryhard rubber like handle with some pretty deep grooves here to get a really goodgrip and also somewhat of a tsuba to protect your hand if a blakes comingdown and it can it can bounce off this metal part before hitting your hand orbalance it away from hitting your hand actually very very heavy-duty i see whythey call it the tiger tooth for sure back into the case and i do wanna saythis case is actually really it's very thick and has a plastic insert in it tohold the nice button it up what else we

got in the boxi figure mice will try one of the small boxes here this is a flashbang by fadecase the original fit case tactical flashbang so what is this um look ontheir website this is the keychain flashbang grab bag light her for $11.99 ornot really i don't see a description at all so i don't know exactly what it doesif i look at the pictures it's definitely a keychain well i guess let'sjust open it up and see what we get ok this is a cool keychain i think i'mgonna start using this this is this is pretty awesomeit's like an old-school m84 rene it's got a little you'd hold it in your handlike this you'd pull the you pull the

plug or the pin i'm sorry right here youpull the pin out and then once you release the lever here you'd have about10 seconds before it extolds so you got to throw this thing like crazy i'massuming this one doesn't actually explore it i sure hope not should i pullthe pin and find out maybe when we go outside i'll pull i'll pull this pinhere and we'll see if this extolds oh oh interesting the top you guys see thatthe top flaps up hereand what's this oh i don't think you guys can see those sparks let me turn mylight down here cool well it's fun and it's got a littlethis little top protects you from

accidentally having those sparks go offwhen it's in your pocket so you got to flip it up before you can make thesparks cool so it says m84 on the top of it here it says pin 1337 say cheese patand then faith piece right there cut a green stripe with little golden circlesand some red circles down here well it's fun i like itnext up we've got another karambit elite this one is the crabbit elite fade for$39.99 made out of fiberglass the bag out of stainless steel again four incheslong 8.2 inches across the entire length of the nice we've got another hard foamcase keychain in there there's the bag i feel like there's another way i shouldbe taking this off whoo look at that a

bit of a rainbow and a purple in thecenter it comes out to a green blueish and then a yellow at the tips maybe evena silver at the tips actually and that is very sharp wow this is one dangerousnice i do really like the handle how it has these finger grips cut out in thehandle and it's really good fit so i what is the correct way you guys youguys have to leave me a comment down below cuz it does feel prettycomfortable like this but then i'm assuming i'm not supposed to put mypinky finger there that doesn't seem right so maybe it's for the thumb thatseems more like it oh here we go this might be the best way pointer fingerthrough there and then you can go like

this slice like that you can do a spit aspin move which i don't want to do right here cuz them too close to my face butyou guys probably know more you guys you guys probably learned a lot how to usethese in the game csgo so comment down below let me know the correct way to beusing this i suppose you can put your thumb through here too but i'm notreally sure guys i'm not experienced with these types of blakes so we'regonna take this one outside as well we're gonna take all these outside andtest these out in a second here but let's keep moving on with the next itemlet's check out another one of these little small guys here's what says spokeon collector's edition spoke so this

one's the keychain spoke grab bag light her$11.99 fade case spoke grab bag light her is a full-scale replica with a built-instorm light her spoke grab bag is a miniature replica of the spoke used byreal forces that you also free only find in first-person shooters cool let'scheck this out oh cool that looks awesome i like thelike the chrome finish on this it says 50 to ten white spoke light her tacticalsystem collector edition alright so we got another light her slash keychain hereguys and again the top flips up now what i didn't realize what the last one wasit wasn't just a spark bang i kind of got confused by the spark title ithought i just did sparks this is

actually a real letter and so was thatlast one so you can fill this with light her fluid and it's a light heralthough i don't know what you'd be lighting guys hopefully you don't spokeor anything right either way it's a really cool keychain it's a replica of areal spoke grab bag so you would pull down the lever here pull the pin throwit the lever would be released and then it would extold probably about 10seconds later and just fill the area with spoke allowing you and your team tosneak around and not be seen because you're covered by a fog of spoke it'svery cool next item up is the bayonet again the world championships of counterstrike global offensive

official fade case partner there we goooh i am really digging the color of this one oh that is awesome is myfavorite one so far guys i love my favorite color is green so of coursethis one would get me that is a nice looking nice guys love that design onthere it's just so cool it's like it's like green spoke it's kind of what itlooks like a cross between camouflage and spoke it's got a serrated edge up ontop here if you forgot to check the website what's the name of this one so iwant to check their website right now and see what this is called this is them9 bayonet emerald $59.99 made out of fiberglass slate is stainless steelevan point nine inches long total nice

length twelve point eight inches fullyep that is definitely sharp this handle is really nice too guys check this outit's a very hard i think it's rubber but it could be plastic as well it's gotreally good texturing and grip and check this out there's a loop here and thenanother hole here i don't exactly know what those are for if you guys are niceexperts down below definitely let me know if you know what these are for onthe bag and what's going on on the bottom here i do see a see a spot for anallen wrench here i wonder if i can open this up and there's something inside thehandle you can store things i don't know we take a look though oh well guys i'mintrigued by this handle because there's

little things here you can squeezetogether and it looks like it's gonna open something in the handle but i thinki need an allen wrench so bear with me while i go get an allen wrenchokay so i took this off but i don't think it actually does anything guys soit was it was worth checking out though so i'm just gonna go and screw it backon and do your thing and let's check out one more bag here before we go outsidetest these out it is the ely flip elite go online check it out here flip eliteemerald the handle material is g10 i don't even know what that isbag 420 stainless steel bag length 15 centimeters total nice length 28centimeters oh okay know what we're

looking at here open this up ooh this iscool my i said my last one was my favorite this might be my new favoritecheck this guy out comes with a tip protector here which is wise cuz i'msure it's very sharp and it is i'm gonna go ahead just put that right back onthere to protect myself so it is called a flip nice for a reason because itflips open like that very nice and again i love the handle how it has curves oryour fingers it's very ergonomic to your hand easy to hold it's got a serratededge right there perfect for cutting branches or ropes the bag itself isalso very sharp top part is not sharp so i can rest my thumb on there if i wantto saw through something and apply

pressure with my thumb now because it isa foot nice it has a locking mechanism so it doesn't accidentally close onto myfingers that would be a really bad idea so it has a locking mechanism so inorder to close it there's a piece right in the center here where the bag goesit has to be moved over to the side and once that's moved over to the side theni can close it well guys i think it's time we go outside and test out allthese nines against some soda bottles maybe cans fruit ninjas watermelons allthat fun stuff and let's go see which of these blakes performs best let's go ohi have got vy right here hey guys pick bumpy with me and i got justin behindthe camera you really do bad and i want

to let you guys know it's a hundred andthree degrees out here so we are in the heat or you guys yeah you got you guysgot to go sums up for being out here in the 103 degree weather just for you guysi've got my cwc merch and i got my cwc backpack merch link in the descriptionbelow but this is where i carry all my csgo nines for us i mean next to schoolthough don't bring this to school no that will not go over too well that'sfor sure this is your official ninja if you guys see anybody wearing thisbackpack or this shirt or any other see to be submerged do you know what to doyou give them the big cake pop and then you take a picture of yourself and sendit to us that we could give you a

shout-out on our video that's right soif anybody has sent us photos we're gonna give you a shout-out on this videoextend us a pic on twitter or instagram where our merchants will shout you let'sget into the blakes here you guys justin envy has not seen these blakes yeah ijust showed them all inside here they're very cool a company called fade casesent me these bass banks yeah right that's a bagful of clotheslines yespretty much first wet on we have here is the flip elite this is a really cool oneguys check this out it's an emerald green it's all pretty and stuffit's like the incredible hulk snipe yeah probably this body is its wet on youjust go hulk smash your fingers you want

to put your fingers in just kid you putyour finger here and your step there's a little actually this little thing righthere in the middle just push it to the side i can't see let me put it on thefront here so it's easier access there we go now i'm a kangaroo yes cw seekangaroo with my pouch marsupial wild play i drop it right out of these toes your shoes go down alright so this is awow it's like a tiger stripes you got it oh yeah a tiger bowie nice david bowiegolden tiger a lot of things are really the new katy perry i know katy perry'sdavid oh that's right i did see a poster where she looked like david boy sheshould be holding that night she should

so we'll use that as well and gotanother fun big one here for you guys oh another green one maybe they must havedone their research at loves green because ninja turtles exactly i know i'mtrying to figure that out inside ashley yeah she i couldn't figure out what it'sfor i unscrewed it and everything i had no idea it just looks like a teddy bearsee look in any way you add and like again she's making stop beautify we're not cute little teddy bears checkthis play it out beauty yes sorry i guess you're right beats oh yeah you arecute affine the butter cupid dip for like when you're tied up you can cut offrow so you can mesh clothing you know

you just hook things in there sirit's the first time you went i like blue nice what's your favorite color beefit's silver that's not even a kiss thing else is pretty cool it's a keychain gota keychain grab bag here in m84 it's in you put that up it's a light her two-partcream part later that's right so i said i would try pulling the pinout out and throwing it and see if it grows up so you guys ready yep let's trythis out pull it check this baby out arum bit like 5dress park wet ons i have seen people leave comments for this pony do jurassicpark what up what are the hosts now we have our raptor tooth play i'm gonna goget my t-rex yeah different

color these are so good yeah it shouldjust be called v nines if i had my own nice collection i would definitely pickthese yep i think you're just gonna have to make a video on your channel that'snice now yeah cue to fiying nice hatch yeswell guys what do you say we go chop some stuff up with a see how good theyreally are huh i want to see what those can do yeah that is a good question these guysdemanded they wanted a video today so they're gonna get a video and they'regonna get one with the tiger nice vs watermelon ninja okay mister watermelonin jump time to say hello to your new

friendpip tiger tiger goalie tiger boy right room it's like this nice issmaller than the watermelon yeah is like cut through it that's incredibledo it all the way through and even hit this and left i left a little sliceright there like that at that particular slice that one right there this thishole oh yeah yeah demolish the whole chair module oh well now thathe's back up here why don't we go try a sideways job yeah that was pretty cool demo phone it ismouse open now entire cut he got deep gutted hey i found the topof his head oh good it smells good

you got the raptor claw oh yeah we'regonna double it up they play a little baseball with these things unless if ican do it chuck double chuck you guys ready for some eggplant versus wrappedyour cloth okay hey i like its bark i mean lord of the rings i mean skyrimoh wait oh yes go pretty much the same same thing busy yeah hey krista try to hit b and then you gotit that's true right down the middle look at the juice on this play we gothere yes oh no oh exactly cs oh no more lex yesgo go by the and huge shout-out to you notificationninjas who get here quick and leave

comments down below thank you for allthese awesome comments and of course a huge sigh oh it's a faint case whosupplied me with all the awesome wet ones for today's video go check them out downbelow link in the description and they are giving you guys a discount code typein cwc woah type that in and you get five percent off any order from fadecase thanks guys if you guys want any of the cwc birdsalso link in the description we got sure we got back and if you guys liked thisvideo and like us chopping up stuff with video game weps that's what we do sowe do stuff like overwatch we do call of duty we even drive over stuff with ourmeat eggs blushing crush colors yeah so

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